Ningaloo Station- What's happening now?

 Hey guys,

Is anyone aware what is happening currently with Ningaloo Station now that Parks and Wildlife have taken over the lease?

Are you able to book camp sites through them or is it a 'first in best dressed' situation? Or is it just cancelled all together?


Any info would be handy.



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Hey mate

Mon, 2020-01-20 13:13

 We spent two weeks up there over New Years. At the moment its first in best dressed but they are working on a booking system,not sure when that will be ready though. The ranger we spoke to was really good and answered all our questions. Like about dogs, they are still allowed but there are a few places where birds nest/rest which will be off limits. Most of it is going to be the same. The biggest issue will be for those who used to stay for months. As it is now capped at 28 max stay. I think it cost us $8 per adult per night and I think it was $3 per kid.



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Awesome. Thanks for the info.

Mon, 2020-01-20 13:49

Awesome. Thanks for the info. Looks like i'll be going ahead with the trip mid-year. Cheers. 

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Mon, 2020-01-20 20:38

 Went to Warroora 14mile just before chrissy and spoke to campground host was same deal with reducing to 28 days max stay. May end up like Cape Kerauden im guessing.

There are new DEC wood logs/barriers in a few spots and signage like  in cape range, but no obvious changes or barriers to entry as yet.


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 It's a shame they closed off

Mon, 2020-01-20 21:23

 It's a shame they closed off the Gnaraloo to Warroora track Adam, I'd love to do that and fish it along the way. Spoke to the pest control guys and they reckon some shit hot spots along there. 


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 That's been closed for

Tue, 2020-01-21 12:32

 That's been closed for years? I can remember doing that track sitting on the tyre on the bonnet of the old mans landrover in the early 80's. Pretty sure it's been locked since mid 80's. 


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 You're probably right as I

Tue, 2020-01-21 16:13

 You're probably right as I don't know when it was closed off, would just love to drive it though and explore that bit of coast.



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Gnaraloo gate

Tue, 2020-01-21 17:42

 Was closed off mid 80s to stop through traffic because then the station had to do its own roadwork inside its boundary.

Went to open the gate once with Joe, the then station manager, to let SAS do an exercise through the area. Had an explore while we were there but sadly didn't take any gear. The "road" is better described as a dry rocky creek bed and there is no way I would have taken my vehicle on it.

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 Cheers John, good to get a

Tue, 2020-01-21 17:58

 Cheers John, good to get a slight insite of what's through there.


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Thu, 2020-01-23 18:41

Used to drive it once a month for fisheries research back in 2007 to 2011, cape farquar is gods country.  Fences used to be down on both ends but sure its been fixed by now. Jeff used to tell me of your fishing adventures off there back in the day John.

Road wasnt bad, but the sandy creek crossing wasnt fun during peak summer softness and then inflating for rocks and then deflating again as you went.


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 Last week the DBCA office in

Mon, 2020-01-20 21:32

 Last week the DBCA office in Exmouth told me it shoud be added to the online booking system in Feb according to current plans. Until then just turn up.

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Love the 28 day limit. Allows

Tue, 2020-01-21 12:26

Love the 28 day limit. Allows so many more people to experience the locations

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Hate the 28 day limit.

Tue, 2020-01-21 14:37

Unlimited stay length never stopped anyone from enjoying it, apart from school holidays and it would pack out anyway. Always wanted to be a long term stayer, never managed more than 6 weeks, now it's too late.

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 Ever seen Warroora in

Thu, 2020-01-30 09:02

 Ever seen Warroora in April/May/June? The grey nomads camp on the beach at 14 mile for 2-3months at a time so anyone else has to camp in overflows etc and miles back from the beach. 

28 day limit is the best thing to happen to both stations.

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 Yep I would have to agree

Thu, 2020-01-30 09:27

 Yep I would have to agree woody. 


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More information here

Wed, 2020-01-29 18:30

 Found this on the net. Existing bookings will be honored for 2020, if evidence is available. A confirmation email from Phil, which I have, should be sufficient. HOWEVER, in this is a pita for me, if any of your booked days go into school holidays, max stay is then only 14 days. And forget the old site hopping, no re-entry until 14 days are up. Guess you could go to Exmouth and slum it in a caravan park for the 14 days .


Link here to PDF with all info