Nissan Navarra Clutch

 So my good samaratin efforts at helping an old bloke stuck in the sand just south of Jurien yesterday ended in the clutch carcking it. I know its going to be a pricey fix either way and haven't spoken to my mechanic yet about repairs  as I just got back today but am looking at what's the best way to proceed. I've seen that the clutches on the post 2005 D40's (mine is a 2014 model) can be a bit dicky when put under a bit of stress.

Would it be worth it looking at after market clutch and flywheel kits? Any recommendations if so?

Cheers fellas

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No good deed goes unpunished.

Tue, 2019-04-16 20:47

 Not up on d40 nissans per say , but I cannot fault my safari tough clutch I got put in a few years back in the td42 turbo GQ.

 Its the first task done on one of my vehicles not by me in about 20 years but after reading up on the pure weight and size of the gearbox and

  transfer , I knew it was beyond me in the home driveway.

 It was around 500 for the clutch online and around 800 for the fitting , and I thru in new fork , new spigot , and thrust bearing and whatever

  else was in there.

 Tellingly the nissan clutch was only around half worn but was slipping under the strain of towing a 5m fully loaded double quad trailer up

   tracks and beach  dunes ( go figure?) , and the added power of the turbo install.

 The safari tuff had the best feedback that I read , and its done approx 30k with never a slip , towing trailers , boats etc, and I really dont 

 take it easy on it.



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Hey justin

Tue, 2019-04-16 20:51

most late model Nissan 4x4’s have what is known as a dual mass flywheel. It’s basically a 2 part flywheel with a big spring in between the 2 parts. They are a common failing item! They install them from factory to have smoother gear changes and less shock loading on the gearbox. A good after market alternative is to install a single flywheel and descent clutch and pressure plate. There are plenty of aftermarket kits that suit this description. Beware though, the heavy duty clutch kits put additional load on the clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder. We actually had a Navarra at work where the metal surrounding the master cylinder completely cracked to the point where the master cylinder became completely detached. As usual, Nissan offered no form of out of warranty compensation, even though the metal of the firewall was completely inferior from manufacture (it would be 1.5mm thick at best).


in summary, I would install an after market kit (because they are less prone to failure, and cost half the price) and keep and eye on the metal of the firewall surrounding the master cylinder. 




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Great, thanks for the info

Wed, 2019-04-17 07:21

Great, thanks for the info fellas. Wish I had known of this before but you live and learn i guess!