No freedom of speech ?

So the previous thread got shut down because ?

People were simply voicing opinions an experience”s  an no names or business names were discussed.

Did the business owner see that the truth was coming out and didn’t like what he saw ?

Poor taste..... truth comes out sooner or later and karma is a bitch .  

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 reading that thread it seems

Thu, 2018-11-01 14:35

 reading that thread it seems as though this website is owed some cash as well......


lucky i love to fish because i cant catch any.



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 Well said mate. 

Thu, 2018-11-01 14:37

 Well said mate. 

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Thu, 2018-11-01 14:47

 If you've got a problem take it up with the administrator.  I'm not owed money, but I have my own things I have do deal with, with them.


Thanks for the notification.  It is probably better that social media posts are not given an airing because they can contain information that may be untrue or threatening, which is unhelpful.


What is best is that anyone with a complaint or needing information about the situation would probably be better served by getting their information from a reliable source, and the most reliable source in this instance is the liquidator, being me. 


In my capacity as liquidator I am happy to talk to anyone about their concerns.


Please call if you wish to discuss.

Thanks and regards

Dougal McLay



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