Outboard flushing question

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Just got a question about flushing my outboard engine, it’s a Yamaha 2017 70HP 4 stroke, I always flush with decent muffs immediately after use for at least 5mins, up to 10mins, I notice a few days later tho that I’ve got some dry salt build up coming out of a hole on leg of the engine. Anyone know what this is from and how I can prevent it happening? 

Cheers Paul 

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Grab some “saltaway” flushing

Mon, 2019-12-16 12:29

Grab some “saltaway” flushing additive  

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I serviced one only a few days ago

Mon, 2019-12-16 21:11

 But it was a 60hp model. It has a zinc anode in place of where you have shown the hole with residual salt build up. Weird that the more new model doesn't have the same. Anyways, flushing your outboard with a bit of white vinegar in the flushing bucket, and then a good flush of clean water after, should also help to clear up your problem. Saltaway is good, it's also not the cheapest product going around. Household cleaning white vinegar is about $3 for 2ltrs. Mix that with 40 odd litres of water and flush through, seems to work well. 





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Thanks guys, I’ll give the

Tue, 2019-12-17 13:46

Thanks guys, I’ll give the vinegar, and failing that the saltaway a go, cheers  

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hey guys, this may be a silly

Thu, 2019-12-19 12:39

hey guys, this may be a silly question, but: when i flush the engine, its usually with my hose atatched to the tap on the wall. how do you add in the saltaway? 

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Thu, 2019-12-19 12:44

Theres a dispenser with hose fittings available that you fill the pot with product and its venturied into the water flow, I got mine from BCF.

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thanks for that!

Thu, 2019-12-19 13:57

thanks for that!