PE 4-5 Jig rod advice...?

 Hey all

Am struggling to find a spin jig rod in the weight range that Im after so just putting it out there for recommendations if anyone has any ideas

What Im after

Around 6- 6’2 foot but open to something slightly shorter (but think the usual 5’3 standard for the heaver jig rods means it pretty much cancels out the option of being able to use it with plastics as well, which is ideally what Im after)

-        PE4-5

-         Will work jigs from 80-200gms (most of the PE4+ that I can see are 200gm+ rated)

-         Around the $300-400 range

 I use a Demon blood CJ64 for PE3 and like it as although its not a dedicated jigging rod, it can also be used well enough for plastics and light bait fishing. Something similar to that but in PE4-5 would be ideal. Frustrating that Daiwa do a PE6-8 don’t do a 4-5 version of this rod

Know I might be struggling to find something in that PE that is a bit longer and workable with lighter jigs, hence this post. Rods Ive looked at that are close to what Im after but not quite right are:


- NS Black Hole Explorer S575 (bit short and 150gm+ jig rated)

- Ocean Legacy ADDG-S553M Seriola Battlefield (have the OH version and very stiff, suited to really heavy jigs)

- JM Ocean Fire 52S- (short and heavier jigs rated)

- NITRO Gulfstream- this one looks about as close as I have found but the annoying way Innovator rate their rods (3-5kg apparently but its obviously more than that- talks about targeting amberjacks and recommended for 8kg drag…) its hard to tell

If anyone has any recommendations, or even better, something that fits the bill that they want to get rid of, any help would be great


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 Have a look an ocean legacy

Sun, 2020-01-12 12:52

 Have a look an ocean legacy rods. I use them for jogging and also throwing plastics for snapper and other stuff. I got 2 really good rods. The ones I have are more for slow pitch jogging but I have thrown plastics 40m+  with them 

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 cheers mate. The only one I

Sun, 2020-01-12 13:17

 cheers mate. The only one I can see that might be close is the Slow Element  S621MH but thats PE4/ 260gm plus rated... how do you find it for lighter jigs?


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 I've had a PE5 shimano game

Sun, 2020-01-12 12:56

 I've had a PE5 shimano game type j and currently have the new PE 5 grappler type j. Both are 6 foot and I enjoyed using both.

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 shimano type j is

Sun, 2020-01-12 15:40

 shimano type j is great

assasin makes a ubeaut pe 3-6, beats everything else IMHO 

if u can get someone to buy it in south africa for u ...

- mine cost less than 200 imported -they r bulletproof

or the previous generation of daiwa saltists they were blue and white- unbeatable and close to unbreakable - was carbon over glass