Penn Prevail

Hi all,

Just wondering what people would prefer as a spinning stick for Steep Point. Will the 9ft be sufficient and anyone think the extra length and weight rating of the 10ft be better or beneficial in any way? Im sold on the Prevail but length and weight is the only thing im still deciding on

- 9ft (8-12kg)
- 10ft (8-12kg) or (10-15kg)

Will use the same setup for chucking lures on the salmon runs and chasing tailor and the like also and will be basically dedicated for lure casting. Any info muchly appreciated


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I'd go 10ft, which will get

Mon, 2015-11-23 09:21

I'd go 10ft, which will get you that extra casting distance at Steep, and also for salmon and tailor (can be frustrating when the school is that 10-20m beyond where you can cast).

I just came back from a trip spinning at Quobba, and I used my Daiwa Sensor Surf 10ft (12-20lb), and it was more than capable up there. I was very pleased with it; handled 10kg Cobia no problem!

I haven't felt the difference in stiffness between 8-12kg or 10-15kg prevail though. I'd probably go 8-12kg, especially if you will use it more often for salmon and tailor. 10-15kg is overkill

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Mon, 2015-11-23 12:43

I have a brand new/never used 11' 2 piece spin 10-15kg for sale for $130. Bought as a back up beach rod but it's just gathering dust. Shoot me a pm or sms 0457735111 if you're interested. Cheers 

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 I've got both the Penn

Tue, 2015-11-24 13:30

 I've got both the Penn Previal 10' (8-12kg) and a Daiwa Demon Blood 9'. Both great rods with the Penn being a little stiffer and heavier to cast while the Demon Blood is super whippy on the cast but has plenty of balls too. Prefer the latter but it's also a ~$300+ rod comapred to a $160. Both will handle Steep/Quobba fine.


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Might pass on the 11ft there

Sat, 2015-12-05 10:26

Might pass on the 11ft there Rock Lobster thanks

Cheers lads just the info i needed. I went into my local and they only had the 10ft in (10-15) but after the comments i think the 8-12 would be the go (especially as I will use it down south more).

Torquen how heavy a line do you run on your prevail when youre at Steep?