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 Hey guys,

So last night a few mates and i went out targeting tailor herring and whiting. First we went to south cott groyn and then to city beach groyn, both of which didnt produce a single fish and minimum bites. Do you guys know any spots around the perth metro area where we can catch these species ? 


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Same over at rotto

Sun, 2016-03-06 20:56

what are normally good herring spots are stone bare this weekend..... Same a couple of weeks ago...water too warm? 

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 that could be a reason i

Mon, 2016-03-07 09:03

 that could be a reason i went to the beach th other day and was absolutely freezing due to the wind but when i went knee deep in the water it felt a hell of a lot warmer than what it did outside 


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 Try floreat drain mate.

Wed, 2016-03-09 13:32

 Try floreat drain mate. Always produces tailor at sunset,  but be careful to hide all your stuff in your boot as it's notorious for break ins. Even worth emptying your glove box and leaving it open.