Port Gregory/Horrocks Easter trip surf rod advice

Hi guys


Myself and some friends are heading up to Port Gregory for a week at Easter and lucky to have the use of a free holiday house.


I was last fishing up that way about 8 years ago and got some good advice on where to fish however the memory is a bit vague.


Firstly i ahve a 12ft Snyder Glass but want to upgrade to a graphite surf rod and looking for suggestions and rough cost and recommendations?


Also can anyone refresh my memory on fishing spots, have 4WD so travelling on the beach is no problem.


Any advice appreciated!





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Fri, 2013-03-08 12:47

North from the jetty at the point at sundown for big Tailor,also south where the reef meets the beach.



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Fri, 2013-03-08 14:48

Down south of town where the Hutt River goes into the ocean, and also Nobbys Hole (where reef meets the beach). are worth a try if you can get a spot at Easter. If you get some solid Easterlies it might be worth Ballooning.

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Great thanks for the advice

Fri, 2013-03-08 15:16

Great thanks for the advice guys any advice on a graphite surf rod??

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Fri, 2013-03-08 17:50

 What's your price range?

good spot to explore beach fishing. Take some wire plenty of sharks

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 Around $200 not after top of

Fri, 2013-03-08 20:44

 Around $200 not after top of the wozza buy something decedent cheers

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Sat, 2013-03-09 11:50

Go for a Penn Spinfisher Big Game Surf 6810-6812 (now discontinued under Rovex) but there could still be a few floating around in tackle stores. 


Great value rod at around $140 and the 6810 is brilliant for chucking lures at tailor and salmon.

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Sun, 2013-03-10 07:58

 Rovex aaureus 

shimano aero wave

2nd hand daiwa sensor surf

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I will be up there at Easter

Fri, 2013-03-22 07:10

I will be up there at Easter buddy where you staying?

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The new Penn Prevail Rods

Fri, 2013-03-22 12:01

The new Penn Prevail Rods look interesting. Have only played with it in store but reckon the 12ft would go alright for what your after.

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Spots-Hutt river Mouth.

Fri, 2013-03-22 13:07


Hutt river Mouth. M

fisherman hollow - South of the jetty where the river meets the beach. More tailor around this spot.

North of the jetty,there are surf beaches with endless opportunities. Just find a gutter and set up. there is a lot of beach here and would be my pick as you  can find you own spot and spread out


Id reccomend a 12ft rod. dont go anything much shorter in that area as if the swell is up youll have a hard time.

Shimano Aerowave Graphite (Not the composite model with the white tip) Approx $189 - For the priceThese things have blown me away recently and would be my pick 100% for the price.

FWA 11'6 surf rod - ballsy piece of equipment - 11'6 may be a little short depending on the swell.

Rovex Auries or a fin nor beach rod (if they are still around)

Hope this helps.

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Okuma X-factor is another to

Fri, 2013-03-22 14:38

Okuma X-factor is another to consider.