Port Hedland/Karratha: free transport

Hi all

I thought it was time we made it easy for the FW members in Port Hedland and Karratha to get a new Xtreme Coolers box.

Being a fishwrecked member enables all to the special prices.

Now i will send all purchased boxes sized 120litres or less for free. All sales will be transported by Davis Road at our expense.

That includes the XT100litre Mackerel boxes.

For example: purchase the XT100litre Mackerel in marbleor white for $250.00 and you save $90.00

Davis travel up to Port Hedland and Karratha every Monday.

You need to pick up your purchase from the transport depot.

Call or PM Dave for all questions and sales on 0403978583.

This promotion will be available until Sunday the 27th of February.

Remember, this includes all boxes in the range up to and including 120litres.

I hope this helps you guys up North.





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Last week

Mon, 2011-02-21 13:52

Hi all

This is the last week to take advantage of the transport special to Karratha and Port Hedland.

Sale ends 27th of Feb. Save up to $90.00.

Give Dave a call on 0403978583 or PM for all questions and prices in the range.