Preston Beach. No luck.

Went down to Preston beach on Friday with a few mates.

Wind blowing a south westerly gale which made casting difficult and then the weed too......(the weed with the little ball things on it which somehow manages to claw together 60m of braid into a massive knot).

Ended up catching a feed of whiting which we cooked over coals. BEAUTIFUL! Lots of little tarwhine around, which was fun on the really light gear, but not what we were chasing. Like previous posts, everything got smashed by pickers in the first minute.

Threw out a fillet of herring at night to see what was lurking around. Current was so strong just dragged the sinker (80g) down the beach collecting all the weed heading to Perth.

Nevertheless was a great time with good mates.

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 went down friday nigt too.

Sun, 2013-04-28 13:42

 went down friday nigt too. the wind was pretty heavy, only managed 2 tailor on saturday morning

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 G'day Kyle I went down to

Sun, 2013-04-28 17:51

 G'day Kyle I went down to white hills last nite didn't catch much only whitting and herring. We were pretty degustation in the way people treat our beaches there was rubbish everywhere fry pan,car dashes,beer bottles,mattresses ,bait bags it pisses me off we had a. Pretty full ute so we didn't fit much in.