beach fishing

Does anybody know any close metro beaches that have decent size fish.

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most of them

Thu, 2013-01-24 15:55

if you put in the time and effort!



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Fishing Leemans beaches

Sun, 2013-04-28 06:37

 Hi guys this is my first post, I was hoping someone could me a few tips about where to fish and where fishes well in Leeming ??

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Beaches in Perth

Sun, 2013-04-28 13:49

Hey beachcaster/kingfisherman.

Can't offer you advice on Leemans, but for Perth, like snappermiles said, most of perth beaches produce fish. I find that early morning produce the most for me. I get there before sunrise (about an hour and burley up). So it does require some effort getting out of your warm cosy bed, but well worth it.

Defrost a dozen mulies the night before you go fishing and chop them up into little bits.

When you get to the beach, put them is a little burley dispenser and anchor it in the sand just in the wash of the waves. That will get the fish interested and bring the fish to you. Throwing in handfulls of pollard will get them eating.

Whiting will come around which will get the herring, which will get the tailor, which will get the mulloway which will get the sharks.

If you are really keen, cruise around the beach the day before you go fishing and suss out where the gutters are (darker water close to the beach). If you are fishing north near hillaries where there is a lot of reef, jump on google earth and suss out where the darker and deeper water is and throw a few poppers and metal slices around. For these rocky spots, the same burley rules apply. You will lose a lot of gear, but you arent going to catch monster tailor without losing a bit of gear on the way.

Hope that helps. If you are fishing down south on the rocks, dont take your eyes off the water. King waves have claimed too many lives down there in the past, and if the rocks are wet, try and avoid the black moss which covers the rocks. Its slippery as all hell wet.

Cheers and tight lines.

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good reply...

Sun, 2013-04-28 17:59

 I would also recommend a good pair of polarised sunnies to help with choosing a good hole or gutter... and like Kyle said burley is the key and then it is down to patients and persistance....