Pro-line Boats

Can anyone tell me what the proline boats are like in ruff conditions? Heard some bad rumors about them, but don't know if they are true. Anyone have one and can tell me first hand?

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They are

Sun, 2013-04-14 19:57

Mate looked at heaps a boats and owned heaps a boats proline are not up there I have a 225cc keywest best boat I've ever owned came back today 50kms out of two rocks with a big south Easter blown it was a washing machine still sat on 25 knots no issue have done 140 hours in this boat in the last nine months am stoked have had it in every sort off big seas you will get your critics about Yankee boats but most of them are people who have not even stepped foot on one of these boats if you want to have a look more than keen for you too may even take ya out for a ride

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 I got a 26 and can't

Mon, 2013-04-15 08:29

 I got a 26 and can't complain we are doing 80mile trips once a week in all weather. I dunno if I'd go any smaller with the proline I don't like the look of the 23. But up here its a different sea up here it short sharp windchop it's hull banging stuff when it blows up. I'd love to see someone punch though a 25knot wind up here at 25 knots and not get a flogging. I'd sell my boat tomorrow  if I seen it. I've been on stripers,Boston whalers,sea foxs,haines hunters, stabi crafts just to name a few if I had a choice it would be a Boston whaler 


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Currently own a 21 pro line

Fri, 2013-05-31 11:34

Currently own a 21 pro line center cab complaints......and i have been in some very very very hairy waters and was happy with the end result...but unforuntately i may be looking to sell it at the end of the year due to work commitments and a international moove on the horozion out NZ....three kings/ranfurly banks and your double digit trout wont know what has arrvied next year!

we have came home home from the islands across the gulf in some rank rank rank chop....was rapped.

Ive done alot of work on mine (not desing work) in work i mean rocket launches out riggers etc etc...

some users on here have been on it and they seem to love the tub......

there is some thing id like on mine, more storage areas etc etc but they have seem to increase that on there new models....





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i would pop onto

Tue, 2013-06-04 12:53

i would pop onto and look up Mike carrigan ( i think that is his name) or search for proline boats. he was a rep for them and still helps people out with warranty and other issues with them.