Recommendations for small/micro jigs

 My experiences with jigging thus far have been pretty ordinary. I've been trying it on and off for a couple of years, between Kalbarri and Ningaloo. High speed vertical knife jigs have been a complete loss--I have a Stella 18000SW on various rods, so i can certainly get the speed, but it has been a lot of hard work for nothing. I've fared a little better with smaller (<120gm) demersal type jigs--most memorable came about when i found an aggregation of small GT's, Brassies and sambos just north of Kalbarri and got some on a flat fall Shimano Butterfly. The same lure also accounted for a Rankins cod and 20Kg Slimy cod just west of Kalbarri. I tried pretty hard with it at Ningaloo this year, mostly using a newly-aquired Crostage Majorcraft PE1-3 wearing a Stradic 4000FJ with 10kg braid. After losing all the Shimano Butterflies ( lumo green) I seem to have adopted a Tekken Seriola 70gm in lumo green with a single assist and some flash as my go-to lure. I've caught a few small gold-spot trevally, a small long-nose emporer, a metre-long blacktip and a few of the smaller emperor species as well as undersize coronation trout. And a baby spaniard--he was foul hooked in the back of the neck, and i think I actually brained him on the drop The rod is rigged all the time, and used when an opportunity presents itself. Blown away by unstoppables and snipped a few times, as you do, lucky if you just lose the assist. Put wire on, and catch nothing. Or work the jig and watch them congregating around the it on the sounder, odd bump, no hook ups. When they do that for too long, I find a change to a small ball sinker, two snooded hooks and a chunk of gar will change things immediately

I bought a couple of micro-jigs in Exmouth (40gm), lost both of them -to a snip on the retrieve and a small fish being taken by a much larger one. But i think the smaller sizes (100gms or less) are more applicable to fishing around Kalbarri in 30 metres of water or less, so i'd like some recommendations for make/model/colour/size. Demersal type jigging, bounce it off the bottom with a double lift a few times them fast erratic retrieve type fishing is my aim.

All contibutions welcomed.


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Lots of info on slow pitch jigging.

Wed, 2015-07-22 20:13

Heaps of information I've used from here on slow pitch jigging. This is the general technique that works on demersals for me.
Not so much on micro jigs exactly but worthy of a read anyway.
Good luck.

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 i fish up to 50m and dont

Wed, 2015-07-22 20:28

 i fish up to 50m and dont use more then 90g jigs. for me being a tight arse its all about coin, i watch the buy and sells check all the discount bins and would think the most expensive jig i have is $12. all no name brands with a good show of silvers and reds.


i like the flutter jigs or slow pitch, very lazy jigging. drop to bottom give it a flick, let settle to the bottom and repeat (DONT DRAG ALONG BOTTOM).

the key for me is the sounder, drop right on top of the fish or the ground. once you move away from the ground pick up then reset. remember they dont work like bait.


abrolhos tackle have some mint looking jigs doing the rounds at the moment as in that link above. 

once you hook a fish regulary on jig its hard to bait up a hook 


keep asking questions heaps of people on here jigging and awesome how many different styles


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 After losing a $20 Shimano

Thu, 2015-07-23 11:32

 After losing a $20 Shimano Buttterfly jig on the first drop to a spinning whaler, Gilly, I tend to search the remainders bins and specials as well  Picked up quite a few Shimano jigs for $8-$12 a while back. First thing I ever tried were the Butterflies and Samaki Asalt and Choona--don't think i've ever landed a fish with the samakis. The only colour I've had any success with, in any type, is plain lumo green/silver, either with Butterfly flat falls or the aforementioned Tekken Seriolas.

I was bait free for a few years around here, soft plastics only, then results seemed to tail off and I returned to bait as a control, mixing it up. I agree, it is addictive when they slam it on the retrieve--I tend to work the bottom doing slow lifts, then mix it up with a fast, jerky erratic retrieve before dropping again if still over the ground.

The link provided by Boydy is very interesting, a lot of finesse involved to do it properly. And the link to abrolhostackle is a winner, look out mastercard! The Majorcraft rod I mentioned is a CRJ-S60/4 PE 1.5-3 to be exact, and i wonder if it is a bit stiff to impart the sort of lifting action described in that article. No matter, I may just change the Stradic4000FJ for a 5000 series reel loaded with 25 or 30lb to get the most out of it. And get out and fish by myself locally, as no-one I fish with is into jigging, and it doesn't really mix with anything else, as the flat falls tend to zoom off rather than falling straight down, and can catch others' lines.

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 When fishing with others 1

Thu, 2015-07-23 12:05

 When fishing with others 1 of us drops straight down the other casts ahead of drift a little bit couple metres max. Helps prevent tangles. 


Just put in my order for jigs 

I've got a 15lb set up and a 30lb as well 

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Stopping your jig "zooming off"

Thu, 2015-07-23 14:06

On the initial drop to stop your jig darting off under the boat or around your mates line there is a trick.
As its going down have your line as its coming off the spool run through your thumb and forefinger with a very slight resistance. The jig will drop at twice the rate with no flutter. It will go straight to the bottom like a dart.

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 Have to give that a shot

Thu, 2015-07-23 15:36

 Have to give that a shot boydy, especially when there's a bit of drift. Get to the bottom ASAP and make the most of those first few vertical jig/drops. 


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 this is a great tip, also

Thu, 2015-07-23 21:08

 this is a great tip, also helps keep you assist free of leader and rings

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Choonas work

Thu, 2015-07-23 12:42

Concentrate on your technique.
When you get the flick right your line will stay slack for a fair while as the jig slowly flutters down, don't be scared to work the jig a good bit up off the bottom say up 6-8m if your in 50m.
Since the post below my rod and reel have been upgraded, but the choonas are still my go to $14.00 jig!

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Silver Shimano Colt-snipers

Thu, 2015-07-23 19:29

Silver Shimano Colt-snipers jigs are my favorite at the moment


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Great Read

Thu, 2015-07-23 21:01

Guys, interest in jigs is starting to grow over plastics!

Look forward to next trip. 

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What about Maria Shore trickers?

Fri, 2015-07-24 08:24

 I know they are sold as a casting lure, but the action looks really good,(in the video) could vertical jig with them?

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Micro jig

Fri, 2015-07-24 19:30

Caprice kid....

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 Ocean AttitudeDamiki Back

Sat, 2015-07-25 06:52

 Ocean Attitude

Damiki Back drops and Surplex

Caprice kids

Jigging master Falling

They are a few of the better flutter style jigs in under 100gr that i have found.