Replacement rubbers advice.

Hi all, I took my gun out one the weekend and got a nice spango which I was happy with but unfortunately lost a nice bluebone when he shook the spear. Saw acouple of monster bluebone as well so for a first dive it was very promising.

My gun needs it rubbers replaced anyway so I've bought some new rubber and some briddles to create some new ones up. My question is that I've gone from 14mm to 16mm for the extra power should my new rubber be the same length as the old 14mm or a bit longer because of the extra thickness? Also will the rubber stretch out a bit making it easier to load? I'm not the bigest guy and even with extra length in the rubbers its pretty hard to stretch the needed length.

Cheers Nath


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what gun is it on? and nah i

Mon, 2012-11-26 19:13

what gun is it on? and nah i would make them as short as possible for you to load them with. for a 1.3m gun i start at 750mm per rubber and then if after a few dives it seems to easy ill cut an inch or so of each one

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Try this...

Mon, 2012-11-26 19:16

it tells you how to make them and the sizes you should use, the 'gun length' is just the barrel length, the description is a bit strange!


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Cheers Guys. It's a 95cm seac

Mon, 2012-11-26 19:44

Cheers Guys. It's a 95cm seac sub xtreme. I guess it would be easy enough to cut some of in the future too. Also how much extra power would I get if I runa second rubber the same length?

Cheers Nath


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mate, if you over power your

Mon, 2012-11-26 20:05

mate, if you over power your gun, when you fire it, the spear is being shot out with that much power it pulls it to one side and you wont be shooting straight....

just go with what the recomendations say on the BFWA site....if your not happy with the power then you need to buy a longer gun...


good luck....


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After spending a fair bit of

Sun, 2012-12-09 17:36

After spending a fair bit of time chasing Bluebone around Karratha / Dampier, I would suggest to go up a spear size if possible for your gun (ie - from 6mm to 6.5 or from 6.5 to 7mm) and always go the twin 16's.  It is heartbreaking to hit a big one in the right spot and have it bounce off...  The twin 16's and heavier spear will give you the power you need (while still being able to load it) with less whip of the spear under the high load.  i would also recommend using the twin dyneema bridles - if one breaks while in the water it isnt an issue - just sand off any burrs on the spear notch first...

Have fun!!