Righto.....Second go.....Onslow fishing

G'day All,

Second go round........Am going to be in Onslow next week, never fished here. Have few basic suggestions as going to be mainly land based but

(unless theres a generous bast*rd floating out there!!) seriously looking to thumb a ride out wide (or even a little wide!!) if anyone has the deck space.

Can hold my own and more than happy to contribute to fuel, beers etc etc.

PM me if can help. Thanks!

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Wed, 2013-10-02 12:05

I was fishing in the area this time last year. it was all land based but we found some good spots. Beadon creek is always good on the out tide. never caught anything huge but was good to pass the time. caught trevally, barracuda's etc. If you drive down past the salt mine along the beach you get to 3 mile creek. wade across that at low tide and walk down to the next inlet. caught barra's, giant herring, trevally, big flatties, jacks.
if you head back up onslow road take a right turn just after the Macedon/whetstone access road and that will take you out to the Ashburton river and old onslow. drive over the cause way and turn immediately right and you drive through a gate. plenty of takes down there will take you to the river side. again caught alot of barra's, giant herring, trevally, big flatties, jacks. I found another creek system down there where i caught my 93cm barra. use google earth to suss the tracks out. just be careful as the king tide does make the track a boggers heaven. also if there has been rain then the causeway will be river crossing.

if you want to get offshore there are plaka boats that you can hire from the resort. i think it is $250 for the day. they dont go fast but you dont have to go far

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Cheers Davi-d, Thanks for the

Wed, 2013-10-02 17:15

Cheers Davi-d, Thanks for the advice. Will definetly be trying to hit it hard so any help much appreciated!! Tight lines.....

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 The dredging in the area has

Sun, 2013-10-06 22:20

 The dredging in the area has severly effected the water color along the cost at onslow 


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G'day Faulksy,Yer right mate

Tue, 2013-10-15 19:58

G'day Faulksy,

Yer right mate the water colour is on the brown side, the dredging definetly hasn't helped.

Was able to get out with a mate of a mate off thevernard island, etc. and had some wild fishing.

Caught that much fish, released most, kept enough to stock the freezer for the next month or so.

Also dived for crays and scored a couple of occy too. All in all shit to be back in Perth!!