River Soapies

 Hi all,


Have made it my mission to land a decent sized soapy this summer on bream gear.

At the minute looking at working deeper sections of the river with 4inch or so plastics and bouncing them along the bottom.

I have a kayak too,

Just looking for any direction as to where I should be focussing efforts (ie around bridges like mt Henry/Narrows) and what tides are best,




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This time of year

Tue, 2017-11-21 13:28

 This time of year the soapy's will be working drop offs that lead up to shallow flats . They will be stalking out bait fish that feed on the flats as the water warms up.

Ive hooked plenty on Z-Man grubs and Fish Arrow shads. As for location , I usually fish from Belmont/Maylands all the way up to Bandiup . They can be anyware so move around and look for bait being harrased , Find the bait and you will find the fish. Work those areas hard, as it can take a while to get them interested in a lure.

A rissing tide is always good, but high or low tide changes can realy get the fish on the chew 

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 Thanks for the pointers

Wed, 2017-11-22 17:26

 Thanks for the pointers


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