salmon on fly

Ive only been fly fishing for salmon on my boat out the back of rotto and in the sound but i never caught one on land and next season im gonna try get one, could you recommend the best flies and fly colours to try and the best location to catch them.

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Fri, 2009-12-18 11:17

Hey David, its a bit late but this should give you some pointers.

 When chucking feathers off the beach you should really be using an intermedate line because most of the time they will be sitting deep or moving fast. Having a line that gets down quick is so helpful.

 In these situations I would throw 2/0-4/0 Clousers. These sink reasonably fast and fish very well.

 If the fish are up higher in the water, use flies like Flashy Profiles, Deceivers, Fatboys. Anything that has a big profile in the water but easy to cast and don't be afraid to throw something big. Salmon love snacking on Herring.

 I hope this gives you an idea or two.



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Fri, 2009-12-18 20:17

thanks for the great info and i was talking about next season

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SWF salmon!

Fri, 2009-12-18 20:26

Fishing Injunup (Yallingup way) off the beach I've done well on fly L/B. Also got them off Wyadup rocks (same area) many other spot to get em along our coast!

Beach, float line sink tip is what I use (my boat fishing in that area I use intermediate). The sink tip is good as the line doesnt sink around your feet on the beach wash and easier to re-load for another shot. I use 10wt in particular to get distance especially with wind and bulky flies. I use my own patterns, 2/0 - 3/0 pink epoxy head deceivers with flash.....30lb fluro-carbon tippet.

March & April best time, i'll be down there!