Saturdays Catch

Went out of Mindarie on Saturday I have not ventured out there before.
Headed out about 20km came across some pots and fished around them.
Ended up with 1 x Dhuie, 1 x KG, 1 x Flounder and 1 x Harlequin.
The flounder was a ripper measured 43cm and was quite tasty.
Took one of my mates who only got his fishing license the night before and he ended up catching nearly all the fish I think he is hooked now.
Also got a few undersize.
Not as great as some of the write ups from the weekend but thought I would add something.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

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Good effort

Mon, 2015-07-20 16:08

We fished about 10 mile off Ocean Reef. It was pretty quite for most of the day with most undersized fish. We ended up with a just size mixed bag of singles - Dhuie, Snapper, Breaksea and Flathead. Was thinking of going out into the deeper water but anyway still got a good plate of fillets

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Good catch !!

Mon, 2015-07-20 18:26

 That kg is a beauty mate !! I picked up a flounder like 

that few yrs back !! Gave it to me mate wish I try'd it 

myself now Spose to be top knotch !!! Hopefully come 

across another one day !! Cheers pirate !!

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Great flounder.

Mon, 2015-07-20 19:17

Great flounder.


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nice mix

Mon, 2015-07-20 20:03

That's some good tasting fish there.

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Cheers Guys

Tue, 2015-07-21 07:38

JohnF I just read your write up for your Winters catch.
Sensational mate. I travel to Kalbarri every year to chase them great fun. Well done!

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best eating fish there is

Wed, 2015-07-22 04:21

best eating fish there is that flounder!


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Thu, 2015-07-23 08:26

Never mentioned much in the top fish to eat list, and I think it is because down here they are not to common.

However whenever one lands any where around me straight in the pan, with simple butter and a few herbs and spices. Not to much because this fish needs nothing with it to rate very high. Pan fried both sides, eaten straight off the bone - Yum.


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Thu, 2015-07-23 07:38

 can't go wrong with a mix like that lads! 


 fish on!