Spotlights for driving

 Howdy all....


I'm getting some bar work done on a new Lux tomorrow and will put some decent spottys/lightbar on it....


I've been doing a bit of reading on Fyrlyt products, they make some pretty big claims in regard to HID instead of LED...


Some of you fellas would be the full bottle I'm sure...


I'm not interested in Top of the Waz, should be plenty of well prices options out there that do the job so If anyone has any good suggestions throw em at me.....





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 I'm running a set of hard

Fri, 2023-09-29 17:49

 I'm running a set of hard korr led lights on by 200 and they are good with plenty of light.

My Hilux has Bushranger led's and they are shit. 

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Fri, 2023-09-29 06:30

 Have the fyrlites on the cruiser since new in 2015. Good  light, more than adequate but definitely not the best or greatest out there but alot cheaper than others. Would recommend them for the price 

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 Have always run Lightforce

Fri, 2023-09-29 07:14

 Have always run Lightforce 240 hid's and have been impressed 

have got some stedi x type pro's on the new car and they shit all over the 240s

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 I will second the Stedi's.We

Fri, 2023-09-29 09:25

 I will second the Stedi's.

We have a set of Type X Sports and they are mint.

Maybe too bright, as some road signs blind you.

Good price too, only $430 a set or there abouts.

Would of got the Pro's but not enough space on the Toyota Prado bar, and the Sports have slightly smaller brackets.


HID's are old tech and a PITA in my opinion.

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 I run the stedi sports on my

Fri, 2023-09-29 11:31

 I run the stedi sports on my 200 and have spent a bit of time in a Prado with the pro's and really not much difference between them. 
My next cruiser I'm leaning towards a set of ultra Visions. Just to be able to try something different. 


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 I got the original stedi's 6

Fri, 2023-09-29 15:53

 I got the original stedi's 6 yrs ago, they don't have the spots in the middle just a very nice wide beam.

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Fri, 2023-09-29 17:58

 I have 3 Rallye 4000 HID's that I am selling on Gumtree. Awesome lights! For distance you cant go wrong, light up signs kilometers away... Downside is they dont light up directly in front of you as well as LED's. The reason why I am changing them on my 200 Series is that I got 2 brand new Rallye 4000 spot HID's that Im putting on haha.

On my Colorado I have 2 x kings 9" LED's... they are cheap but are really really good for what you pay. They are extremely bright and light up the road directly in front of you, but dont light up anywhere near the distance and the HID's




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 Depends on how much night

Fri, 2023-09-29 18:25

 Depends on how much night time driving you are doing to do in one stint in the dark. When I drive to pilbara and back I drive a fair bit in the dark. I've got the arb ipf HIDs 35watts in my 200. One spread and and one spot and they very good and easy on my eyes. On my truck I've got some HIDs which they give me great instant light up close but after driving for a while they make my eyes very tired. I've just put some new stedis on my hilux and they are good and didn't make my eyes tired. Overall I like the HIDs better as they are softer on my eyes for long stints at night. If you're just doing an hour or two every now and again LEDS are the go imo. 


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 Thanks all, Cheers Ezi....

Fri, 2023-09-29 23:29

 Thanks all, Cheers Ezi.... lived experience right there.


The Stedis seem a good option.


They will be going on an arb bar on a Hilux.


No need for a light bar as well?

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Nah no need for a lightbar

Sat, 2023-09-30 02:06

Nah no need for a lightbar imo. I've got a spot and spreader evo type x stedis on my arb bull bar. If you're going to put them on yourself you will need to grab the adapter so it's just a plug and play setup. I got mine from whiteys tackle store in australind. They never told me about the adapter when I brought them. 


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 I think they come with the

Sat, 2023-09-30 21:57

 I think they come with the adaptor now Ezi.


What you think of the Evo?

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They are good. They give a

Sun, 2023-10-01 09:17

They are good. They give a very good spread and long beam. Easy to install 


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 I ordered the

Sun, 2023-10-01 23:25

 I ordered the Evo's...


Cheers lads