Squid numbers NOR ..

 Starting to see the numbers picking up . 
couple at the start ! Then a move seen 

some pods ! Lucky enough that the wind 

wasnt strong enough to blow us off the 

pods . Hook one let it sit then get another 

jig out the back to nail his mate . Keeping a 

log this year.. so today 17 for 5kg weight.

cheers pirate..

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 Good squid mate. youve

Sat, 2023-03-18 16:18

 Good squid mate. youve inspired me to get out there tonight for a crack

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Well done . Nice feed there

Sat, 2023-03-18 20:36

Well done . Nice feed there for sure


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Def picking up

Sun, 2023-03-19 09:17

Numbers wise . Good feed

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 Good feed Pirate!

Sun, 2023-03-19 11:25

 Good feed Pirate!


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