Stradic SW PG

Will be giving this little guy, hopefully a flogging at the Monties soon.  

Not to dissimilar to the FK but much better suited jigger being a PG. and comming standard with a jigging handle

No stupid antireverse switch.  (never a fan)

Carbon Drag and a few extra O-rings to make it a bit more watertight.  

If it stands up as well as previous stradics it will be a great low priced jigger.



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 Yeha realised the FK are all

Thu, 2018-06-28 14:05

 Yeha realised the FK are all pretty high speed. The standard power handle knob is definitely a good add-on.

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nice reel

Tue, 2018-07-03 16:53

 looks similar to the Biomaster. Dont know the specs. I bought a biomaster sw pg 6000 from japan. nice reel, havent testet it out on a 10kg + pinkie yet, but handled 5-6 kg dhuies with ease. A lot of the top end technology is filtering down to the other reels these days. although my Saltiga 4000 is a very nice reel...

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Tue, 2018-07-03 17:03

 it seems to me that just about all of the new reels out are high geared. very difficult to buy a solid low geared reel (4.8,4.9) nowdays. all the new shimano reels are high geared , except the stellas, if you want to pay a grand plus. I find the lower geared reels (4.8,4.9 :1) much better for snapper and demersals as they have more torque when you need it. good to see they have released the new stradic in a pg. might have to get one.... PS pinkies should be on the chew after this storm...