Swan river Giant Herring

 Viewed a skool of Giant Herring near where the eagles sit at Blackwell reach(about 20) in thigh deep water!


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Break the rod out next time,

Thu, 2021-02-04 13:51

Break the rod out next time, they are quite alot of fun from what I have heard.

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 Big? I've only caught small

Thu, 2021-02-04 14:12

 Big? I've only caught small ones on light gear and they were great fun, would love one of those 70cm+ models


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 I've caught them while

Thu, 2021-02-04 14:44

 I've caught them while flattie fishing at Claremont (Point Resolution). Great fun on light gear. Small chrome lures work well but they can throw them when they jump. Soft plastics might be a good option.

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Daymmm and no fishing rod?

Thu, 2021-02-04 17:11

Daymmm and no fishing rod? What eagles are we talking about haha ?

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Thu, 2021-02-04 22:37

Caught a few in the canals at Port Geographe.


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