Tamala - shell beach

 Hey guys we are heading off this week to Shell beach, Tamala Station and i was wondering if anyone knows how the fishung has been up there.. so looking forward to some good fishing..

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 hey mate just wondering how

Wed, 2019-06-05 19:09

 hey mate just wondering how you got on up in tamala we are off in a week and staying at the shearers quaters taking a few boats. any info would be great


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Fri, 2019-06-07 10:31


by shearers quarters do you mean the huts out prickly point?  Just came back from a week up there (lasy week May).  The pinkies are like blowies, good luck finding anything else.  We nabbed a few decent blacks and bluebone but it was hard work getting away from the pinks. closer in to the islands there was some decent ground for both without too many pinks.

 They are fairly loading up the beaches with 25 foot caravans these days so not the quiet place it once was, there were 8 big vans on the small beach in from of the huts when we were there. Makes getting a spot to launch the boat problematic. There are also goats friggin everywhere, they seem to be running a lot more on the bay side of the station than before and they have pretty much destroyed the place, not a tree to be seen that hasn't been chewed to death. They like to trample anyone who turns on the tap too!  Flies are thick up there at the minute so take fly net or lots of repellent. 

Still a great spot with plenty of fish if you like snapper. You'll bag out in half an hour though so lots of catch and release. Bigger models are in the deeper water mostly, or fish dusk till about 9pm. 

Road going in is in the worst condidtion I have seen in 10 years going there, graders were working when we were leaving so hopefully you'll get a better run than us. 


Have a great trip. 


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yeah i think it the huts

Fri, 2019-06-07 18:12

yeah i think it the huts mate. 

never been there before have always gone to carrarang station but they have locked everyone out by the sounds of it.

lets hope they have finished the road.

cheers for all the info 

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 Huts must be hit and miss or

Fri, 2019-06-07 20:59

 Huts must be hit and miss or you have spots as last year we went up and the biggest and only pinky we got afte 7 days was 25cm. Some of the blokes went up for the full moon at the start of May this year and got 3 in the week. 

Only way we ate fish was with a spear gun along with two sharks.

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We stayed at Nannas beach for

Thu, 2019-06-06 08:02

We stayed at Nannas beach for four days in may. Fished from a tinnie the first two days and then it blew its ring out so didn't get out again. Could not get away from the Pinkies and caught our limit each of the two days in about 30 minutes. We fished in 10m near Baudin Island.
Hope that helps.