Tekonsha Prodigy 3 Hiccup

Hooked up the boat trailer today, attempted to adjust the brakes as they were a little aggressive. Nothing happened, glanced down at the controller and noticed screen was red with a warning "Internal Error No Brakes"

I did have brakes, just unable to adjust. Got home and disconnected the trailer and the controller was still showing the error. Left it for an hour or so and all was back to normal, hooked up the trailer again and all was fine.

Hopefully it was just a hiccup and won't happen again, but I'm thinking something must have caused it.

Anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions as to what may be the cause ?


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Mon, 2019-03-11 20:29

 I have seen this issue pop up on a few Forums , Basically the Control unit is faulty, and Needs Replacment ,

    Google it, im sure you will find a fair few posts on it

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I have a Tekonsha P3 that

Mon, 2019-03-11 21:10

I have a Tekonsha P3 that failed, approached the importer for replacement who said "sorry only 12 months warranty"'

But the Tekonsha website they linked to showed either 5 yrs or lifetime.

Approached Tekonsha, who schooled the importer to replace it. They did eventually  but the local importer was a right asshole, saying "you need to send it to us, and we will send it to the US, who will assess it and decide if its warranty"

As I worked 5 on 5 off then I did it, when it didnt come back in 5 weeks I contacted Tekonsha and they had a new one to me in about 3 days with an apology.

Not sure if the warranty has now changed or not



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