Thursday Session

Day out yesterday in pretty nice conditions, head out 40ks to try me luck finding some new ground. Bit slow going early until we found some hard ground in the 50s resulting in a few solid BA for mate Leah...struggled for a bit before moving into the 60s and finding a small lump and showing which resulted in a nice 850 Dhue tipping 10kg, was a funny fight losing the initial fish well off the bottom before the heavier model jumped straight on...must have been following it up...seems the big fella had survived a previous fight with a 80g jig already in its gob.

Second drift didn't produce any fish but a first with a massive GW showing up from deep below...would have went 4m plus easy and very fat, amazing to see her circle a few times but after missing the first close show was under able to get any decent photos...but made my day, was a beast!!

Moved into the 40s for a fish but sounder shot had me thinking the big girl was still down there.

30s we tried for a few KG's, decided to rig the 80g jig found in the Dhues month...resulting what I was calling a massive kidney slapper...didn't last long before something took this hard snapping me off. In all an enjoyable day out.

Bit more good weather to come..get out there gents and tight lines!!

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Good Effort

Fri, 2022-01-21 09:01

 Good effort Brock,

Looks like reasonable conditions apart from being hot, some good BA there.



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 Solid bag there. How good

Fri, 2022-01-21 09:23

 Solid bag there. How good are the conditions out there yesterday.  One of those days to skip work. Cheers for sharing


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 Yewww nice bag mate, will be

Fri, 2022-01-21 09:25

 Yewww nice bag mate, will be out wide tomorrow 


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 Well done Brock the black

Fri, 2022-01-21 10:07

 Well done Brock the black arse are on the bite this summer 


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 Nice bag Brock. Glamour

Fri, 2022-01-21 10:17

 Nice bag Brock. Glamour conditions!

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Do sharks show on a sounder ?

Fri, 2022-01-21 10:35

 Forgive me, but i was lead to believe sharks don't have a swim bladder and won't show on a conventional sounder ?

It's important to understand the difference between reading an echo/depth sounder and interpreting the data received to help locate fish. ... Fish that do not have swim bladders such as sharks and rays therefore do not show up on fish finding devices.5 Nov 2019


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 Sharks show up clear as day

Fri, 2022-01-21 10:54

 Sharks show up clear as day on my Simrad when pulling pots ! 

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Nice one Brock!

Fri, 2022-01-21 11:42

 Conditions looked epic, inspired me to pull my finger out and have a crack tomorrow


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Cheers Lads, everyone loves a

Fri, 2022-01-21 19:07

Cheers Lads, everyone loves a good hook up. Good luck to those having a crack tomorrow.

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 Good read and top photos

Fri, 2022-01-21 20:10

 Good read and top photos


Tom M

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 Plenty of blackass being

Sat, 2022-01-22 03:33

 Plenty of blackass being caught and of a decent size too. Nice dhuie as well and to score a jig as well is a bonus


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 Nice work! Tip: You should

Sat, 2022-01-22 12:50

 Nice work!


Tip: You should set your shift function on your sounder and drop the first ~20m+ on your depth range, allows for a much better read of the bottom on the RHS of your screen. I shift (key) down and only show the bottom 20m - 30m. It gives a nice amount of zoom, before your bottom lock.


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Legend..will do, cheers.

Sat, 2022-01-22 13:06

Legend..will do, cheers.