Tinnie mod for pot pulling?

 Hi guys as we have a 4.2m tinnie and I think having a pot tipper on it would be a bit much as there would not be enough room does anyone have any ideas that they may use to get their pots on the boat ...besides manually....i was thinking maybe a set of rollers on a shaft which then sits on the side ?

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 I put a tipper on my 4.2

Mon, 2018-10-22 10:10

 I put a tipper on my 4.2 stessco but it has full gunnels so was a really easy fit and it is the best thing for pulling pots i can now pull full size pro pots way easier than i was pulling smaller pots before there is almost no effort required at all and ontop of that they are catching better in the same locations. I don't have a winch but for the depth im fishing i don't think i will need one. 


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 Hi anychance you could sent

Mon, 2018-10-22 11:53

 Hi anychance you could sent through a photo?

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Poly pipe

Mon, 2018-10-22 10:49

Get some poly pipe around 150-200mm diameter and put a cut lengthways  to allow you to open it up enough to fit over the gunnel  of your boat. Length depends on where you stand while pulling the pots.


The larger diameter allows the rope to slide over easier than at an acute angle of the gunnel on its own.

Just look at the oldies who pull pots by hand and see how they have theirs set up

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 Pm sent

Mon, 2018-10-22 13:11

 Pm sent


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stone fish , carnarvonite has

Mon, 2018-10-22 16:19

stone fish , carnarvonite has you on the right track mate ...get a big piece of large diameter black polly pipe , cut it as he advised , leave it in the sun to ""soften " if up , then use arubber mallet like a brick paver style and fit it on at one end of the gunwhale , then tap it on working along the length of it till it is all spread over the gunwhale, it will shrink and tighen up in time if cut and fitted correctly …….this way you can leave it on permanently & the rope and pot base will slide up and over into the boat much easier with polly fitted like this

you also can get a large piece of timber , jarrah or any hardwood approx 200mm wide , x 30mm thick x the width of your boat at the gunwhales widest point ….look inside your gunwhale at its widest point , inside the boat ...there is on most tinnies a recess C channel right at the top that runs the length of the side … measure and cut the length of the timber to fit into it horizontally across the boat from side to side .when its cut its a tight fit and you should be able to slide it into position at an angle , then push it in straight across , right where the pot will come up and over the side of the tinnie ,

if you have a wide type gunwhale top like a quinnie dory , , then measure the board to fit exactly from one side to the other at the widest ,,drill a 9mm hole on the top of the gunwhale, and through the board on both sides and and each end of the board .then use 2x 8mm galv cup head bolts about 90mm long , fit the board and drop the cup head bolts into the holes down through the boards into the gunwhales .this secures it the same way , cup head bolts will be pretty much flush with top of board, and pot bases will slide over them easy as hauling and resetting pots

so once its fitted , you pull the pot , when it hits the side it will slide up and over onto the flat horizontal board, this allows the pot to sit flat at a comfy working height at gunwhale level while you remove crays , rebait and when ready push it over in one sliding motion to reset it ..no awkward bending over with pots on seats or boat floor etc

if you then want to go fishing etc , remove it and slide along on the floor out of the way ….

hope that might help make it easier ...its a dinghy set up we have used for over 35 years ,
not exotic , but simple and highly effective ioe hezzy


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 Hey hezzy- just like to say

Tue, 2018-10-23 08:17

 Hey hezzy- just like to say thank you, as well for going into a lot detail.

I've also got info from your post,and will use the polly pipe when the boat arrives next week.



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