Transom worry

 Hi all,

Just a couple of questions regarding my transom. 

I have a 5.2 savage escort, think its a 91 model, I was looking at installing a new sounder this afternoon and I took of a piece of plastic chopping board I was using as a transom saver, I put that on nearly 4 years ago now, I sealed all the screw holes with sikaflex, I also sikaflexed the whole back of the board and sealed the edges once I wasfinished. Today as I undid the screws I noticed a bit of water coming frombehind the board as I was loosening the screws off. Once the board wasremoved the holes appeared to be a little wet, so I got my drill and drilled into them a bit and I wasn't brinig out any board whatsoever, but to be honest I cannot remember if I did now the very first time either though, but what was coming out was like the fiberglass was like a wet paste. I only drilled within the hole itself, I never tried to re-drill thehole bigger, just put the drill bit in approx the same size as the whole. 

I think I have had some water seep in, and I'm not real sure how bad the damage would be, and not sure on exactly how to tell either. 

My question is from the pics, the area circled, because of the shape, would it be wood within that area or only fiberglass based on the shape? The actual part that the outboard is bolted to feels sturdy enough from what I can tell, I have also tapped around it and from what I can tell it sound the same and not hollow. 

If however I have a problem with this area, how hard is it to repair a transom based on the shape of it? Of all the pics I could find of re-paired transoms I have not seen one like this shape, so I'm scared that it cannot be done and the transom shape would have to change?

Any advice and pointers much, much appreciated. 



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 i would get it checked out

Wed, 2018-10-17 17:36

 i would get it checked out properly. i got caught out myself and ended with a whole new transome. if you get it looked at it might just be a small area and an easy fix. i used Greg at GT fiberglass. did a great job and loads cheaper than many others. others on here have also used him . sorry no number tho. he is north of river


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Drilling through the glass into the ply is always a problem

Wed, 2018-10-17 18:29

 Down the track, the water will get in, and get to work. Many a good transom, which would have lasted, is stuffed by drilling into it. Silicon/sikaflex just won't keep it out. You may be lucky, and it is only around the area you fitted the screws.  I saw one project where it was determined the transom was stuffed, due to some numpty retrofitting an auxiliary bracket. When they took the outer skin off, the damage was really limited to the area of the bracket, but, at that stage you do the lot anyway.

The only way to really check it out is to actually drill some holes. clean dry wood comes out, you are good. Dark wet crap, you are stuffed. The holes can be plugged if the wood is good behind, but coating the hole with a good epoxy like 24 hr Araldite and then hammering in a dowel plug, also coated, will seal it up properly. Probably best to get a professional opinion, from someone like the guy mentioned above.

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 Just an FYI. If your going

Wed, 2018-10-17 23:44

 Just an FYI. If your going to be drilling more holes later then drill them out oversized, them fill the hole with epoxy  lastly drill the epoxy "plug" with the correct sized drill bit . That way the Hull is sealed by the epoxy and damage is minimised

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What Feral said ^^^^

Thu, 2018-10-18 07:35

 Also, if you are bolting through something, fibreglass veneer with a ply core, drill a bit oversize. Line the hole properly with epoxy , force it in , allow it to set, then bolt through  using sealant. It is not just transoms, you can properly stuff a foredeck by just bolting through it and using sealant, there was a project on here a couple of years back , where a member picked up a 23' Caribbean, great hull, but the foredeck was rotten due to this.

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Inside the hull

Thu, 2018-10-18 08:54

Dont forget the poss of the water getting into the transom from the inside(crack/damage) of the hull,you have just given (the water/moisture) a way out with the hole ,it may have not entered that way and your seal may have been good.


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SOR option

Fri, 2018-10-19 08:59

 Have a chat to Glenn Swarbrick at Swarbrick and Swarbrick Yachts in Sparks Rd, Henderson.  He's been building and repairing fibregalss boats for decades and does transom repairs and extensions regularly.  He will be able to advise you on whats needed.