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Replacing my bearings on my trailer and wanted to ask if anyone has recommendations on the grease seal. I have had these pop out so have done some checking on the net and I find that some people recommend putting a little sikaflex on the seal or stub axle and then putting the seal in a little way (2mm) then putting on the the hub with inner bearing and seal ring letting them push the seal back into its actual position then finish by putting in the outer bearing, washer and nut and adjusting. Sika will then go off and the seal should adhere more succesfully to the stub axle

Thoughts on this please




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 Only 2 reasons the seal will

Mon, 2019-01-07 14:50

 Only 2 reasons the seal will pop out. Bearing buddies with over use of the grease gun or the machined section where the seal sits being under size. 

Use of a sealant does work, also a cable tie to stop seal sliding forward.

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Thats what I've just done.

Mon, 2019-01-07 14:58

Thats what I've just done. Apply a light coating of good quality silicon to the axle seal journal. Instal the seal but not hard up against the shoulder, I let the seals sit for about 20 mins before installing the hubs just to get a bit more tension from the silicon. Instalation of the hub intalls the seal into it's final position.

The silicon also prevents water ingression between the axle & seal, some of my journals did have water damage through seepage.

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Thanks for the really quick replies

Mon, 2019-01-07 15:44

Thanks heaps. That sets my mind at rest. Will definitely use sikaflex. Maybe a cable tie as well for added precaution.

FYI, Trojan have a seal retaining washer behind the seal / in front of the stub shoulder.




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