Tranducer cable with plug

Hi . I have bought my neighbors boat which I used to go out fishing in . He is now fishing up above . The person who was looking after it has taken out the fish finder that was with it . Also he replaced the Lowrance elite 5 HDI with a Furuno fcv-582l . I have checked the internet but can find no details . The transducer cable is a Airmar C172 S2002 . I am probably correct in saying he has replaced the original cable that was connected up to the Lowrance . The plugs no doubt are different to my understanding . Picking up the original sounder on weekend should I also make sure I get the original cable as well . No Idea if the tranducer was swaped out as well hope not .
Any help on this would be great .
Cant wait to get back on the water .

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You’ll need to find out what

Mon, 2019-01-07 23:28

You’ll need to find out what transducer model is on the end of that cable. Airmar make transducers which are compatible with lots of different sounders so it might not be all bad if it has been changed. That C172 may require a pigtail plug adapter. I just installed a P79 transducer for example and it required an adapter to change from a Simrad plug to a Lowrance plug. 

Assuming that the model of transducer is supported by the Elite 5, remember to go into the settings and configure what model of Airmar is connected to it, otherwise it not work.