very quiet ol night @ the mole

A few of us (me, Tailor Marc and Bodie) went for a flick last night at the North Mole. Geared up with the big rods, fresh squid and yellow tail baits, some fancy rigs ect. and not one bite all night.

Got there about 7pm and fished till 10 so not an overly long session but no only was it quiet for us but everybody else. Didn't see one hookup all night. I know that Daniel Westerdun has been doing well for Pinkie's in the metro area off rock walls lately but he must be about the only one.

Was good to get out of the house and the weather was suprisingly good for fishing but unfortunately the fish did not want to play the game.

any one else been out for a land based Snapper session lately? And if so any luck.

have a good 1





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Yeah I've been spending a

Thu, 2008-05-29 17:32

Yeah I've been spending a few cold mornings there over the last few weeks but no snapper for me either.

Did get a few salmon and a tailor around 60cm as a bycatch tho so something to keep me goin Smile


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last night there was 2

Thu, 2008-05-29 17:46

last night there was 2 snapper caught 1 6lb and 1 10 lb fish

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Tue, 2008-06-03 17:27

That night Scano i was there also and my mate got a 5kg pinky at 6.30pm and i left at 6.45pm due to having other commitments. He stayed on with another mate and he got a fish also at midnight!





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