Ballooning (not the hot air sort)

In a previous post I mentioned that we would like to try ballooning but didnt feel we were experienced enough to give it a try. Colin 2 said that we have to start somewhere. So, this weekend weather permitting, we are going to give it ago.

What sort of equipment do we need, rigs, sinkers etc. Do you have to use helium or can you just blow it up. We have never done this before so as much information as possible would be appreciated.


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Try this link Shortly

Thu, 2008-06-05 13:16
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Thats pretty hardcore

Thu, 2008-06-05 17:00

Thats pretty hardcore though. Balooning can be a successful strategy with something as simple as a party baloon ahead of your trace.

Im thinking of trying that at the mole soon. I'm a bit bitter I can't cast to those nice fat tuna off the end. Its just a pity that no one gives the mole its (200m?) exclusion zone because I think I've also got a good chance of loosing my braid to props.


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Thanks for the link Colin.

Fri, 2008-06-06 07:55

Thanks for the link Colin. Smile 

Just a few questions though.

1) Obviously weather conditions down here are different to Steep Point, so do i need to use helium or can we just blow up the ballons ourselves?

2) Do we have to buy special balloons or can you use party balloons?

3) Balloon clips were mentioned, are these a necessity, or can you tie the line straight to the balloon?

4) Do you have your drag on at all or do you leave it off?

Sorry for asking so many questions. Embarassed  




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No dumb questions Shortly

Fri, 2008-06-06 08:14

I did some ballooning YONKS ago off Quobba platforms.

The idea in the balloon of course, is to get your fish bait out a fair distance - so you'd want the wind behind you.

Haven't ballooned since, so don't know if things have changed - but we bought special (large) ballons from a tackle store.

You want your balloon lighter than air - so yes, I think it was helium we used. Just get a small gas cylinder - stretch the neck of the balloon over the valve - open the valve and inflate the balloon.

A bit of experimentation is required between the size of your balloon and the weight of your fish as bait. Some like the fish skipping across the surface as the balloon is blown out, and others like to dip in the water and others prefer the fish sit just below the water.

You want the balloon connected to the main line via very light line - some use cotton. The idea is that when the fish strikes, it pulls the balloon down to the surface of the water and this causes the very light line to snap.

When we fished, we had the balloons about 20-30' out of the water with the connecting line, we were using Alvey deep dishes then, so we had the drag set as the balloon moving to the water was our heads up.

With reels these days, (and others may prefer this anyway) you have the option of changing that approach.

Hope that helps!

Colin Molloy

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