Walpole in winter

 Hey we are thinking of heading to Walpole end June and tacking a tinne with us is it worth it 

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Walpole in winter

Wed, 2019-05-22 13:55

I would. Nice and quiet. Plenty of bread and butter fish in the estuary.bit chilly but make sure you have rum or port for when you get back from fishing. Where are you staying? 

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Wed, 2019-05-22 13:56

And if you drink Rum in the morning you’re not a alcoholic, you’re a pirate.  

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 we are thinking Coal miners

Wed, 2019-05-22 14:57

 we are thinking Coal miners park we are just in a tent


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Walpole Rest Point Caravan Park

Wed, 2019-05-22 15:19

Their cabins aren’t expensive and you will appreciate a bit of comfort if its cold or wet. The park has its own ramp and you can leave your boat in the water. Ive been down there a bit and wouldn’t stay anywhere else. The fishing is good too.

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  Same, we have stayed at

Thu, 2019-05-23 07:14

  Same, we have stayed at Rest Point as well,brillant location. Sunrise launching very easy,as Savarna said, you just leave your Tinnie moored/tied up right out front. 

With the tinnie you will be able to go up both River systems,normal good whiting around both River mouths. Also head across to the otherside of the Estuary, to Skippy Rock.

Good fishing all around that area,and if the swell is not up you may get to the ocean. Always get a feed of herring around there, using small Lures-if nothing else turns up.

Enjoy-it's a fantastic area.


 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)

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 Bream have been hammerd down

Thu, 2019-05-23 20:28

 Bream have been hammerd down there but if i was to recommend any place down south it would be Walpole and staying at Rest Point. Price of cabins on the hill ( my perferred) were around 180 a night but if its pissing down or stinking hot its worth it A frames are cheaper and if tenting it take a hammer driil with masonary bit to suit because under that green grass in the open area its very firm gravel or you can go under the pepermint trees and that is firm sand . 

Inside the mouth of the frankland the family and I have picked up Taylor Flathead bream and a gummy shark and heaps of bream size pinkes and the odd 600mm salmon. plenty of Country and fishy timber up there so plan a day and take lunch it really is beautiful up there just watch out for dick heads who cant slow down when passing some body.

The deep river is another option but never had much luck but allways worth a look . 

If you have time go the sealers cove and there is a track that takes you to circus beach which is beautiful and at the north end of it the rock out crop has drinkable arteshain water out of it on the left hand side so take a cup and drink from the fountain of youth .

Skippy rock has deep water and have caught skippy ,bream ,buff bream ,salmon and the odd smallish sambo and when heading up there try and stick to the channel as if you havent run a ground then you havent been to walpole. 

If you have time and funds go on the ECHO tour to shelly beach ,funny guy and well worth the tour even if you do have your own boat. 

At night this time of year rug up and fish of the jetty which is now closed to boats .

Take a cheap fire pit , wood and marshmelows.  

if powered site grab a cheap 5 finned column heater which are safe for tenting as weve been using one for over 8 years when tenting.

Been going to restpoint for over 30 years and when the weather is still its post card material.

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 Emmas private camp is very

Fri, 2019-05-24 05:48

 Emmas private camp is very economical. Just out of walpoleto the east. Easy access to conspicuous cliffs/beach and tree top walk.

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Sat, 2019-05-25 16:37

 Thanks every one we have decided to stay at Rest point 

now just got to try and find the King George