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I'm a bit disgruntled at the level of accuracy of the weather bureau after the last two days.. Both were meant to be 8/13 knots s/sw.. both we under 5 knots and unbelievable until around lunch time.. I got fooled twice and didn't go as a result, oh well.. Suppose if i really wanted to go I'd be out there, always next time..

Took my boat for a run on the river on friday morning.. Sweet as, except for the echo sounder.. so might have to look into a new one.. buy myself a chrissie pressie and then should be into it..

Bolts'z boat went in today, engine goes on monday, back probably tuesday.. Look out fishies..


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today was shitty in the

Sun, 2005-12-11 22:57

today was shitty in the morning? but sat was mint! I dont go by BOM anymore.

I check

Then work out an average on all 3 , and usually its right. Only bad thing about Oceanoutlook is sometimes its not updated, but usually still more accurate than BOM!

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Mon, 2005-12-12 10:52

Thats how I usually do it too.. But I wasn't sure who to believe.. Ocean Outlook said 0-4 knots.. hmm.. Bom said 8-13 switching to 13-18 w/sw.. and seabreeze was in between.. Couldn't really tell who to believe.. Oh well.. Atleast when if it goes good this week I will be ready to go.. Got the dhufish alley co-ordinates and ready to catch some fish..

Also.. Looks like the weather must have been ok up north.. Poida has been fishing steep point and the tally is a 13kg and 10kg spaniard.  Not sure what else they have got so far.. Look foward to the photos and end tally board..

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Mon, 2005-12-12 12:11

Yep they have been a bit off lately....This morning was meant to be ok....was going to pull the pots got down there for a look....water was very nervous.

Shizz that little monkey looks like he is giving himself a HJ

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Steep Point

Tue, 2005-12-13 15:24

More news:

Sounds like steep point would be a nice place to be:

15kg, 13kg, 10kg spaniards,
Lots of doggie macks,
Heaps of tuna,
And a million and one sharks eating everything else.

They've pretty much got their freezer limits after 5 days with 3 days fishing left..


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In close too!

Tue, 2005-12-13 15:45

The story goes that all the Macs are in close to the base of the cliffs with most caputures being within 80m of the cliffs.  This is helping make a small sized helium bottle go much further as the guys are able to use smaller sized balloons with smaller baits.  When the ballons are getting out the back the action is getting quiet so they are having to bring them back within 80m of the cliff