Wellington Dam Redfin

When we arrived at wellinton dam on friday afternoon, the first thing i did was tied on my new halco laser pro lure for a test. We then set up camp before me and king big bird, another member of the site who is also my cousin, went for a walk along the bank casting lures as we went. The first thing we noticed was that there were soooo many baby redfin. These redfin were about 7cms long and were chasing in our lures in schools of what would have been made up of hundreds of tiny redfin.

After walking for about 10-15 minutes we got to a big rock that was right on the waters edge. This spot looked good because it was quite a deep drop off with a fair bit of rocky cover out deeper and then a deep sandy patch near our feet. After a few cast there was still no sighn of edible fish. But just then i managed to hook a 23cm redfin which walthough it wasnt large looked rather healthy. Following in the hooked fish were about 4 other redfin all around 25 cms. Mark cast out just a bit further than my hooked fish and then started to retreive his lure, and sure enough the redfin following my hooked fish all saw his lure and shot at it instantly. There was a strike but no fish were hooked. It was while i was unhooking my redfin, which by the way was the first i had ever caught in the dam, mark caught his first redfin measurring 24cms. The fish seemed to go off the bite afer i hooked another redfin that was 25cms.

So we moved on about 100metres to a very rocky corner of the dam. Afer about five minutes at this corner Mark hooked yet another redfin. After i got one more 24cm redfin it was time to head back to camp to show the parents our catch.

Over the weekend we ended up getting 16 redfin from the shore and 1 redfin while trolling from the boat. I thought i might bore you all if i wrote about every redfin being caught in detail so i just told the first arfternoon.

Also worth a mention is that on tuesday afternoon i was so close to hooking a couple of 2-3 kilo reddies that were following in evry cast. They were litterally centimetres from the hooked each follow! But after fishing for about and hour and only getting them to follow me in to the bank i gave it up and headed back.

Cheers redfin4life.

 And sorry if i was babbling on like an idiot...




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good stuff mate shame bout

Wed, 2010-01-27 12:50

good stuff mate

shame bout the big reddies not hitting.

cheers danno

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we just hit dwellingup for a

Wed, 2010-01-27 13:52

we just hit dwellingup for a paddle and covered a fair amount of water for 1 tiddler!! very slow considering we usually clean up. oh well cant win em all...

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haha thanks guys!!! I still

Wed, 2010-01-27 22:17

haha thanks guys!!!

I still cant get over that redfin in your picture! I dont know what he weighed but that is simmilar size to the "monsters" i saw yesterday.

what river is in dwellingup its the murray isn't it?

And what is your definition of "tiddler" a tiddler to me is around 5-15 cms haha




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Wait for the weather to cool

Fri, 2010-01-29 21:58

Wait for the weather to cool down guys and a bit of rain about May would be good.My biggest Reddie was caught in July and was swollen with eggs.Too much nutrient rich warm water and weed at the moment.Had a great session on Big Brook Dam Pemby way in 8 metres of water on softies a few days ago,water very clear and also lost a couple of large fish to snags.

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Good day for the redfin or

Sat, 2010-01-30 09:12

Good day for the redfin or trout?

I went to big brook dam a couple of weeks ago and seen heaps of tiny redfin and caught one. Also caught a half decent rainbow from the bridge where the water flows into the dam.