where to catch black bream

hey guys, just wondering where are some good places to catch landbased black bream around the swan river, ive never been bream fishing before so this will be a first, also what should i be using? prawns or lures? any help will be great.



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Johnyy I would have a crack around the pylons

Wed, 2010-04-07 15:37

at the Barrack St Jetty. Throw out some unweighted or lightly weighted peeled prawns.


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hey dude, before easter i

Wed, 2010-04-07 17:26

hey dude, before easter i know they were biting in the canning river, shelley river at the sticks. being caught on lures (baby vibs, sx40s etc) and on shelled prawn. Haven't been there since before easter though so not sure of the situation there now

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I have cracked some big bream

Wed, 2010-04-07 17:32

at Garvey Park, I think it is on Fauntelroy Ave/Road in Belmont and near the Garrett Road bridge on the racecourse side, although that was some time ago, quite a long time in fact, but they always seemed to produce. Personally i had more success with whole river prawns on bait keeper styled hooks, with very little if any other weight i.e. sinkers.  

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if you're new to breaming,

Thu, 2010-04-08 01:13

if you're new to breaming, stick to baits and move to try lure fishing as confidence builds. You'll then start to have a good idea on where to throw lures.

Try mulie and mullet cubes on 3/0 chemical sharpened circle or octopus circle hooks. Do this during the day and cast baits into the shadows of the water amongst structures or under jetties. At night its quite time consuming as bream scatter more and are in smaller groups in random areas. Day and baits would be ideal to begin with.
Always have a fluro carbon leader and run a small running ball sinker straight to the hook. I usually use size 00-1 depending on water conditions.

At night try blood and earthworms. For some reason, success rate on totally different baits between night and day is pretty hefty.

After casting, leave a belly in your line on the water, dont set a loose drag, you dont want the fish to run through snags.
The belly will give it sufficient running space and the circle hook will set itself once it loads the rod.

I would advise to steer away from prawns, though they do catch but is also the perfect attractant for blowies.

That should help ya land a few.

If ya need any pointers, drop by the shop and i'll be happy to walk you through whatever you need.

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Yep if im going for bream

Wed, 2010-04-07 20:46

Yep if im going for bream anywhere i always find that its best to put both lures or bait as close as possible to snags without hokking them...