White Hills/ Preston

Thinking about hittin the White Hills south stretch of beach up tomorrow to give the new fourbie a bit of a thrashin', just to see how she goes. As i haven't been down that stretch for ages, was wondering if anyone here has, and can give me an idea of what the beach is like? Don't wanna put the new toy in at the deep end till i know what she's capable of. So, has anyone been down there on the beach in the last week or so that can give me a bit of a heads up??

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I love to come 2 w/hills

Sat, 2007-09-08 21:56

But would get in trouble if i did ,bein out all day 2 day fishing
Born to fish forced to work


Assassin landbase fishing club

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i know Sherb's- ya mms'd me

Sat, 2007-09-08 22:38

i know Sherb's- ya mms'd me a pic to rub it in........ ya bastard!!!!   

Fishing a dam somewhere were ya? Looked a reasonable size?

Probably head down a little further than white hills, mayhaps Preston. Dunno yet, i'll just wing it i guess.