Whitehills to preston

Took thursday and friday off work and planned on heading out friday to try whitehills for the first time, text my mate at 5am thursday morning after being woken up by the misses to take her to work, got a nasty reply from my mate but he was keen, we decided to head out round 10-11 and after dropping the misses off at work and doing a bit of shopping around ended up at the local tackle store and bought a new 10 foot combo, headed on down to whitehills and hit the beach drove a few km down roughly and fished a spot first cast broke the new rod in with a small whiting, continued to bring in small whiting and my mate brought in a few reef fish cod and wrasse possibly? Anyway we packed up and headed towards preston at high tide, bit of fun but wouldnt recommend it unless you are confident! Good old 100 series never lets me down, anyway hit preston carpark, drove south along the beach and found a nice gutter, first cast got a herring each, we got our fair share of herring and threw back oodles of sand whiting and a few small bream, next thing you know throw out a salmon rig pretied from the shop lol with two chunks of squid, then wham line went twang and it felt like a dead weight then boom a salmon im screaming at my mate lol first salmon ive ever hooked onto leaping out the water like a john west advert, it was intense in the excitement i had the big fella onto the shorebreak then ping i had my drag too tight the pretied hooks knot let go!?! I was devastated but it was my fault shouldve backed the drag off, a vital lesson learnt. The fish wouldve been my biggest estimated 1m long and as fat as a milo tin! Im hooked now and thats fishing you learn something new every time! And also not be a lazy c$nt and tie my own rigs haha. The salmon was hooked on the new 10fter which was awesome except the reels shit and ile use it for catching herring and other smaler critters, bought a new okuma reel, will have that spooled for next time. About 10 minutes later my mate landed a salmon about 40cm, also caught an annoying massive stingray.


emu on the beach lol


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Nice report, good to see them

Sat, 2012-04-28 08:21

Nice report, good to see them start to head up the coast a bit.

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nice report, how big is that

Sat, 2012-04-28 13:29

nice report, how big is that tailor in your mates hand? looks a pretty good size. sorry to hear about your loss on the big salmon woulda hurt haha

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thanks for that report been

Sun, 2012-04-29 18:29

thanks for that report been looking and asking people for ages how the coast along this erea are going thanks :)