Why not have extra long wkend

 Decided to ditch work fri and have the extra long wkend , hit two rocks beautiful day bit slow but got the goods in the end.

Surprise first drop was a spangled.shouldve got photo on the lie detector, photo didn’t do justice went 63cents. That’s a first for me metro , not the best on the chew imo but the boys were keen for fresh spango.

Next drop some good shows on a tiny little lump and the boys loaded up big time as soon as hit the bottom only to drop both of them  Next drift got the goods coupla nice dhuys (nothing as big as the previous two just dropped) but everyone stoked to be on the board. Heaps of little pinks around, coupla big gummy’s , then finished the bag with sum nice blackass. 

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Spoiled boy?

Sat, 2018-09-22 05:59

 Haha any more of those almost inedible spangos you catch , just throw them to me , cause each to there own but I have never had a bad one , great idea to ditch work , hit the ramp before the long weekend madness, that's old school man ,should be more of it!!!.



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 Hahaha quad , yeah bit

Sat, 2018-09-22 07:02

 Hahaha quad , yeah bit spoiled for choice mate. Wouldn’t go as far as sayin inedible

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Fresh spango

Sat, 2018-09-22 07:18

Cooked on a beach while camping, 5 bloody star!


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Cracker bag

Sat, 2018-09-22 07:38

 But serious kudos for the username Devocean.... one of the best I have seen


good name for a boat.


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 Cheers ricey 

Sat, 2018-09-22 07:56

 Cheers ricey 

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 How many is the bag limit

Sat, 2018-09-22 14:12

 How many is the bag limit for these fish?