Winter Pinkies

 As a result of a butchered total hip replacement, I have had to sell my dinghy.  The bouncing around in the chop would cause too much jarring on the artificial joint etc.  I think I would be fine standing up on a charter boat and was thinking of trying Shikari Charters in about May/June.  I have never done any real snapper fishing around Perth (mainly up north) and wondered what would be the optimum time over winter to try for them.  Has anyone gone out with Allen Bevan?  I've only heard good reports.  Any feedback would be appreciated.




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Jazz goes well in close from

Sun, 2019-03-10 11:21

Jazz goes well in close from what I've heard...seen them working the back of the 5 the last 2 weeks but only landing a few before moving to rotto.

Youd be close with May on wards they start collecting on the outter systems and closer.


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