Would you upgrade to a 588 from a 585

 Hi all

IS there any benefit of upgrading a 585 to a 588 running a tm260 transducer. I'm struggling to see any massive benefits compared to cost. Does anyone actually use the accufish function???



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 I wouldn't bother. I haven't

Tue, 2020-01-21 11:43

 I wouldn't bother. I haven't seen a major difference on mine compared to a mates. Others may have a different opinion though.

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 Same as Holth Rod, 585 an

Tue, 2020-01-21 14:51

 Same as Holth Rod, 585 an awesome unit unless the 588 gives out BJ's i'd keep it lol


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 Isn't the 588 a dedicated

Tue, 2020-01-21 17:38

 Isn't the 588 a dedicated 1kw unit?