XL Garfish Season Finished

We have been attending the AJ Langford Fish Market at Canning Vale, to buy the big garfish for the upcoming mid-west ballooning season. 

We bought some really nice fish at auction over the past few months, but the market floor supply of XL garfish has now dwindled to the point that we haven’t seen a decent lug for a few weeks.

We have current availability of 1kg vacuum sealed packs at 4 fish per kilo.  As they are vacuum sealed in thick bags, the freezer life is a year or more if you want to keep them in storage. 

The availability of very large garfish is a seasonal thing and if you want these baits for an upcoming trip, now is the time.  We have just ceased wholesale supply of the fish to tackle shops and they are only available from the Shore Catch premises in Wangara, while stocks last.



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