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I picked an EVACPAC up of Dave from Xtreme coolers today. Have just been playing around with it- Very good machine at an excellent price. Appreciate the effort by Dave to organise a pickup from his Dads house. If anyone other members are after a Cryovac give Dave a call.


Good luck at Gnarloo Dave- next time i will be getting a Mackie box off you!

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Wed, 2011-07-06 21:32

And you have a great trip to Mackerels. Make sure the end of the bag sits in the drip tray and if you want to seal the bag without the suction then have the end of the bag closer to the element rather than the drip tray. The unit will then seal the bag for you. You can do this when you are making small bags out of the large ones.

Thanks for the plug. You will enjoy using the machine.