Xtreme specials and update

Hi all, hope the fishing gods have been taking care of you all.

Time for an Xtreme update.

Nearly at the end of Feb and summer is fast coming to an end. My mind is already thinking about my trips North.

With this in mind we have the following specials available at the moment.

1. Free postage on the Evapac vac machine in the metro area. The machine costs $210.00

Postage to anywhere else in the country is only $12.00

The Evapac machine is a cryovac machine that i have been testing and using for the past 4 years. It is very powerful, easy to use, smart as it has an inbuilt moisture safety system, continuous and packs away neatly.The machine comes with 25 bags and suction lids for jars.

We sell three sizes of bags: small=100, medium=50 and large= 25. All boxes of bags are $35.00

Time to stock up now before heading North. Suction sealing your catch results in a much better quality feed. The results will speak for themselves.

2. Fibreglass specials on seconds range.

I have a small number of fibreglass boxes available at the moment. The range is very hard to get. I have two sizes at the moment.

XTFG50litre: For FW members $150.00

XTFG80litre:  For FW members $180.00

A seconds product means there is an aesthetic irregularity. It could be scratches, gell coat blemishes or something that means it can't be sold as an A grade product. It does not affect their cooling efficiency and they are a great product that works just as well as the A grade stock. 

3. The best for last

XT100litre Mackerel box blue and the Evapac Cryovac machine combo.

Cost: $400.00 Save: $80.00 on full price. You will fit a lot more in this box than you think. I use this box up north and fit in good numbers of reds, rankin, tuna, macks etc. It also sits very well in the boat, either at the back as a seat or straight down the middle (my preference) Check out Damo's pic from down in Dunsborough. Thanks Damo. Get some mates together and share the cost.

To take advantage of these specials or to view any products in the Xtreme range, simply PM or phone Dave on 0403978583.

Cheers and bring on the FW comp in Exxy, go you South dogs.



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Limited stock

Tue, 2012-02-28 20:36

Only one XTFG80litre left.

One on its way to Karratha. So for all of you up North we use Davis Road Transport to get the boxes up to Karratha and Port Hedland. Contact Dave for transport costs.

Cryovac machine stocks are good. This is a very easy item to ship to anywhere. There is also a two year warranty on this item. All bags are of the highest quality.


Cheers and many thanks to those who have taken up the current offers or who have taken delivery of an Xtreme Cooler or Cryovac machine.