ZX Lures

Ive been flicking an ecogear ZX lure off the beach in Mandurah. Nice little lure to use, doesnt twist the line when cast and casts a good distance on light tackle.

Lots of fun, walking along the beach, just with the rod and a shoulder bag, flicking the lure out every 20 mtrs or so 

Ive caught a few good size yellow fin whiting. Hoping for a flathead but no luck with them yet. 

So the ZX is becomming my favorite lure . Just wondering if others have used the ZX and have a recommendtion for colours,

or does it not make much difference?  The one i have is all silver .  

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Bleeding shrimp pattern!

Sun, 2019-01-27 15:59

 Dynamite for YFW and flounder in the estuary, and King George/flathead along Pengo Island sand bar!

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Thanks Auslobster, i bought

Mon, 2019-01-28 10:05

Thanks Auslobster, i bought one in the bleeding shrimp pattern. It is a nice looking colour. 

Gave it a try this morning but only caught blowies. Im sure thats not the fault of the lure - at least it didnt get torn up as soft plastics do.  

Ill keep trying. Any way, i wouldnt have wanted to be anywhere or doing anything else.