Down rigger for mackeral

 Planning a trip to steep point in march and as part of the compulsory beers in the shed planning session one of the lads suggested the use of a down rigger and  our normal laser pros to get extra depth has any one every tried this with any success

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Sat, 2019-01-26 08:20

yes,when i was on the tugs in port hedland the workshop would make up paravanes out of a bolt with 2 wings to take our trawl lines down deeper.over the years we found that we did catch fish but not as much as  the surface ones  did,we found the bigger mackeral were always caught on the surface lines.on the state ships we found the same only we needed a lot longer wire trace to  keep it in the water.

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Learn from the pros

Sat, 2019-01-26 12:56

The vid below provides an insight as to how the pros catch macks. I have read before of them using plastic coated clothesline wire to give the trolled lures / baits depth.



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 Thanks for the link that's

Sat, 2019-01-26 13:10

 Thanks for the link that's good info 

some crazy action when there on
What sort of bait do you think they use it looked a bit like Sanmar
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Sat, 2019-01-26 13:35

Gardies I think, with a skirt over the head.



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 Down rigging for mack can be

Sat, 2019-01-26 14:19

 Down rigging for mack can be a good option as the sun get up. Usually we find the macks are feeding on the surface early morning and late evening .. Between 9-4 they seem to go deep unless they are smashing bait . I'd suggest getting a few different lures instead of a down rigger tho as its easier . Depending on your trolling set up I'd suggest using mostly shallow runners during the morning with one deep runner and as the sun comes up swap around to mostly deeps with 1 shallow.. Skirted lures will also raise a lot more morning fish but are expensive on macks 

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 Just got back from exy last

Sun, 2019-01-27 04:31

 Just got back from exy last week and we got heaps of mackerel all through the day on 6 mtr x raps , the Dorado color. 

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X rap speed

Sun, 2019-01-27 05:53

 Thanks avatinni

what sot of speed will amXrap trawl at I've only ever used halcos and found 6 or7 knots to be there max before they surface

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 If you want a halco to troll

Sun, 2019-01-27 19:29

 If you want a halco to troll at higher speeds then swap out the trebles for bkk, owner, shout etc.. The mustard trebles are shit and off centre to the towing eye causing the lure to swim on its side and blow out.. I used to tie the hook to the belly of the lure with an elastic band to keep it all streamlined 

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fishn in paradise?

Sun, 2019-01-27 07:57

 Not having a go ,  but exxy and surrounds I say alot of lures work , but If you want to really test your methods , try trolling for macks around Perth, 

 It will test your sanity as well as your lure choice!

 But I agree with shallower early , then deeper later and with some of the deep runnering lures I think a downrigger not needed for Metro as most of our fish

  have  come from 15 to 20 m anyway so 7- 9m plus lures are well in the zone , as the bait they feeding on  sits midwater .

 Big tailor chasers ? putting in a few evenings or mulloway bait soakers pulling a few overnighters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pppff. 

 Metro macks for us as a good guess estimate would be about 20 hours of trolling per fish , and I think we do ok.

 Thats not all trolling on good moons or high tides as its not always possible , and we only fish out of smaller boats in general ( 5m) so we cant always just shoot

out to west end etc.

 My favorites are a sanmar or gardie on a trolling keel rig way the hell back in the spread , and chrome pink or redhead halco ( shallows) and xrap or deep 

 running yozuri . We always run a flasher teaser and take and consume a enormous amout of snacks , drinks and sing songs etc etc to reframe from going

  completely mad after another fruitless 4 hour trolling session.

 Why do we do it ................... dunno , but I have found with angling and other such persuits , its best not to self analyse too much.