Coronation Class (or ass?)

Coronation Class (or ass?)

Friday 0930 - launch at Coral Bay
1030 - Eryn catches reasonable spaniard out from South Passage
1230 - Pull up in <10m water off the back of the reef. Burley up with Spess' special brew (noice one Spess)
1240 - Eryn learns how to cast from ever-suffering boyfriend (hereto ESB)
1250 - 4+kg Baldy 'flukily' landed by Eryn. More ass than class is the call as it's basically the second fish she's ever caught. should have bricked her for sure in that depth, hooked 40m from the boat.
1255 - Photos, iki, esky and rebaiting follows by ESB as Eryn casts out his rig
1259 - 'I got another one, it's really heavy'. Class seen as more likely than ass after Eryn boats this prize Coronation (on ESB's rig!?!)
1305 - more photos, iki etc as Eryn switches back to her own rig
1315 - 'i think i've got another one - but its not as heavy'. big call but fair enough - a 3.5kg spango is the result - class is definitely the case.
1530 - crew call stumps with 4 fish in the esky - all Eryn's.
Good on her
I'm still claiming it was my beautifully presented bait and casting directions that did the damage. near on any boob could hook and then drag those fish in from that depth on 30lb mono i reckon... right?

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we all get outfished by the missus

Thu, 2009-07-30 18:57

its ok i got outfished by my missus the other day 7-1 and that was shame as she has only ever fished twice lol

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Mate that is one fine

Thu, 2009-07-30 19:51

Mate that is one fine looking fish, well done Eryn...did you weigh it and if so what'd it go??



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NICE very Nice , Always love

Thu, 2009-07-30 20:29

NICE very Nice , Always love to see top fish

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Well done Erin, Lesson

Thu, 2009-07-30 20:49

Well done Erin,

Lesson learnt perhaps leave her home hahahah.. kidding

Very nice coronation

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Thats a very great looking

Thu, 2009-07-30 20:53

Thats a very great looking fish nice work Miss

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onya Eryn

Thu, 2009-07-30 20:54

well done, good looking coronation there.

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totally awsome coro, getting

Thu, 2009-07-30 22:09

totally awsome coro, getting outfished by the other half mmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds farmiliar, just goes to show you put her on the fish and showed her how to do it, some will say dont take her out again but from the sounds of it you would go home empty handed without Eryn on board, fun had by all and thats what counts not who got what


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apparently fish are more

Fri, 2009-07-31 11:21

apparently fish are more attracted to a female fisher , due to the pharomone's in which they produce ! Either that or just want to make us feel small ha , out doing us in our favourite past time activity hah


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