Mandurah success

Mandurah success

 After recently moving to Mandurah I've just started getting out in the boat. My first trip ended up with a few undersize fish but 2nd and 3rd were a bit better. Heres a decent Dhu from my second time out trying.

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Tue, 2017-05-09 14:20

I must be doing it all wrong when i go off mandurah 




Quintrex 500 Freedom Sport

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Nice size.

Tue, 2017-05-09 15:05

Hopefully getting out Friday for a bash, if the weather holds. Would be happy with a nice one like that. 

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 Heading out friday as well.

Tue, 2017-05-09 18:50

 Heading out friday as well. Nice fish Dan got to be happy with that

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Good fish mate, been awhile

Tue, 2017-05-09 19:28

Good fish mate, been awhile since Ive got one of them.