saltys sinker workshop

saltys sinker workshop

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heat source

Fri, 2006-09-29 13:19

so you can melt lead on a camp cooker????

I got given some moulds a few years ago from a old dude...he use to use a gas axe to melt the battery lead.....the gas off always worried me so never used them....

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yeah i use dads bbq when he

Fri, 2006-09-29 13:24

yeah i use dads bbq when he is not looking!!! i have a proper gas mask that i wear when i pour, like you the vapours are bad.

i use to work on a lead mine and we would have blood test before and after your 2 week stints, only got told once to have a break untill my levels dropped. the worst part about lead the nurse was telling me it gets absorbed into your bone so its harder for your body to remove it.

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Hmmm Lead huh?

Sat, 2006-09-30 15:33

Damn, just wish I could get a decent boner, to get some lead into!
Instead I got a half inch a granpahs in the middle just won't go hard! ;o( So maybe these lead fumes might be good for me! ;o)

Havin trouble making our sinkers - the lead goes solid in the hole on top of the mould so you can't pour any lead into the mould and I tried everything...heating the mould etc - might have a go at the gas stove tho - that might work!
Where do I get a couple lead vapour masks from?
Bro in laws got a tyre place and gets buckets of wheel weights so leads not the issue, it's making the damn things!!

I was using the propane torch to melt the lead...but couldn't get enough heat to make the lead melt and the mould stay hot enough at the same time!


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gas mask ya can get from any

Sun, 2006-10-01 07:31

gas mask ya can get from any army surplus store.

as 4 why ya leads not pouring i dont have a clue. have you tried opening up you pour holes to make it a bit bigger. if all else fails super heat them i thinkin

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Sun, 2006-10-01 21:55

I drilled out the hole in the top of the mould - but that didn't help any! I think it was just a lack of heat from the little 1 pound propane torch - really only suited for a plumber to sweat copper pipes I guess - thats why I'm thinking the gas stove might be an answer! (lots more heat)! (Enough to do the lead and the mould maybe at the same time!!)


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Cold Lead

Sun, 2006-10-01 22:10

Sounds like a combination of cold mould's, small opening and the lead not being warm enough.

I made a bunch of leadhead jigs along time ago, using a lead pot ordered from Cabela's in the US. Worked an absolute treat.

IMO I'd be wearing safety glasses salty while working with molten lead (looks like you've got everything else covered).

The biggest safety tip I could give anyone is make sure you have no moisture (water droplets) anywhere near the molten lead.



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The moulds need to be hot for

Sun, 2011-03-06 09:51

The moulds need to be hot for a smooth flow.