2010 Yamaha 6hp 2cyl tell tail

 We picked up a 2010 Yamaha 6hp 2stroke for our boat. We are getting little bits coming out of the tell tail that looks like sand but crumbles between your fingers and blocks the outlet everynow and then. I was thinking it could be the internal anodes? Has anyone had this problem? Engine has had little use and said it was always flushed. Does anyone know the location of the anodes as I found little information on the net.

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If it looks like sand

Wed, 2020-01-22 10:04

 Then there's a good chance it is . Many moons ago my Yammie 90 2 banger was overheating. We pulled off the heads and f@#k me drunk all of the internal galleries were full of sand and god knows what other crud ! . A thorough clean out and she's never overheated since . Hope this helps you out .


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 Cheers mate

Wed, 2020-01-22 10:54

 Cheers mate

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i have a suzuki 5 4stroke

Wed, 2020-01-22 15:00

i have a suzuki 5 4stroke which i bought for a tender recently - the tell tale was really weak so i went digging -unsure if the Yam has a similar feature but i undid a fat flat hex head screwbolt (about the size of 10c piece) next to tell tale - (it had a hefty grommet on it)when removed a fair bit of sand fell out (it must be like a trap for sand/debris)
I then flushed engine with that out and a bit more came out - then replaced and ran the engine with saltaway - tell tale is def stronger but still weak - impellor and wear plate are good so must still have some crap in there - more saltaway and maybe a good run will clear it

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Wed, 2020-01-22 19:37

Does anyone know the location of the anodes