Not good!!! Caught trespassing and tamping with my boat!!!

So many yayyys,


after buying a new boat and having it professionally looked over before purchase and finding that I have large piece of metal missing to what seems to be my gear box or drive cast housing is really disappointing.
I haven't even taken to boat out in the water yet. How was this missed when I paid like 300 dollars for a engine pre purchase inspection when I found it working 10 mins of flushing the engine after hearing the same noise I heard when I was there with the mechanic for the inspection but was told it's normal for it to sound like that because there is no water acting against the prop. I believed and trusted them being they are the expert but after flushing it again, it just didn't sit right with me so took off 6 bolts and had metal pieces fall out. It's been like it for a while because the fragments are corroded and oxidised. 

being that it seems that the pre purchase inspection was not completed properly what options do I have other than insurance but looks like it will be a massive insurance job :( 



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